second home

‘A washing machine may become too small for a family that has gained another member, however it might be large enough for a family that washes clothes by hand”. The ‘Second Home for the appliance you don’t need’ programme was created with the through that an old appliance that still functions, but which doesn’t cover the needs of the family it belongs to, may be more than necessary for another family. Over the past three years, we have provided more than 1000 appliances to families that needed them, and we are still going!

Our distribution network and repair centre undertake receiving old appliances, repairing them, disinfecting them if necessary, and then delivering them to their new homes, also bringing smiles of joy.

Partnered with Municipalities all over Greece and their social support structures, we find families that need the appliances and make sure they get them.

So, let’s all become part of this initiative, in order to provide joy to families that truly need it!

Learn more hereabout how your appliance can find a new home!