Actions for our fellowmen

technology without obstacles

All people deserve to enjoy their every moment to the fullest. Technology can liberate us and give us endless possibilities for a life without obstacles and limitations. At the same time, hundreds of devices and countless of characteristics for every need and preference are becoming the greatest ally in the daily life of people with […]

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With ‘Prattein’ we are showing our philosophy on a better life for the whole of society through everyone’s active participation. We gather together all the actions we implement for society as a whole, from simply sponsoring a foundation, to our largest volunteer action, the ‘Good Deed Day’! In that framework, the company has chosen to […]

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Supporting NGOs

Στο πλαίσιο της πλατφόρμας εταιρικής υπευθυνότητας «Πράττειν» της ΚΩΤΣΟΒΟΛΟΣ, η εταιρία έχει επιλέξει τη σταθερή συνεργασία με τέσσερις Μη Κυβερνητικές Οργανώσεις οι οποίες αποτελούν και τους βασικούς κοινωνικούς εταίρους της.

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Good Deed Day

‘Good Deed Day’ is our company’s largest volunteer action. On one Sunday every year, all Kotsovolos employees have the opportunity to join forces and help those in need. We support bodies and create ties with local communities, and dedicate a day of joy to ourselves.μέρα χαράς στους εαυτούς μας!

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second home


‘A washing machine may become too small for a family that has gained another member, however it might be large enough for a family that washes clothes by hand”. The ‘Second Home for the appliance you don’t need’ programme was created with the through that an old appliance that still functions, but which doesn’t cover […]

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