technology without obstacles

All people deserve to enjoy their every moment to the fullest. Technology can liberate us and give us endless possibilities for a life without obstacles and limitations. At the same time, hundreds of devices and countless of characteristics for every need and preference are becoming the greatest ally in the daily life of people with disabilities. That is why at Kotsovolos, with the ‘Technology without Obstacles’ programme, we make sure that technology is accessible to all, making it easier for people with disabilities to have a better life, by setting a whole ecosystem into motion.

Everything started on our volunteer day at ELEPAP, which gave rise to the ‘Technology without Obstacles’ programme. Starting at the ‘Better Life Challenge’ competition, which was announced at SingularityU Greece Summit 2019 and held from November 2019 until May 2020, we addressed people who are innovating in technology, and created the 1st hackathlon in Greece for tech solutions that could improve the lives of people with disabilities. We received 140 participation applications, of which 40 qualified, and the top 10 were presented live, while the top 3 solutions received distinctions.

But that is not enough. In our diverse and complex world, we must all struggle for versatility and adaptability every day. Technology is evolving to help people and Kotsovolos is still creating the conditions to provide technology without obstacles. At SingularityU Greece Summit 2020 we presented one more innovation, when we announced our sponsorship to Architect Dimitris Petrotos, so that he could develop a new generation of the Laddroller wheelchair , through SingularityU Greece Summit 2020.

SingularityU Greece Summit is the largest congress that focuses on innovative and exponential technologies/ideas that are an opportunity for growth and prosperity. It is a world leader in exponential technology congresses and it was first held in Greece in 2018.